Easy-to-mount wall hangings of reclaimed neprhite jade.


An accessible element for your home, office, or lobby. Make a statement with our live-edge and backlit stone.

Our nephrite Wall Features are lightweight and easy to install. A narrow profile and modular mounting system eliminates the need for architectural re-design or major structural considerations. Available in reclaimed, live-edge material and compatible with fully addressable LED backlighting.


These beautiful wall-mounted pieces are hand-crafted using reclaimed BC nephrite jade. Each stone slab is wholly unique, and has endured millions of years of the harshest conditions. It was forged beneath continents, and weathered by Canada's most powerful glaciers. A true masterpiece of both fire and ice.


These striking stone hangings depict nephrite's true beauty with incredible depth. Each piece tells a story of how the stone first came to be. It's flowing forms are the result of hot, pressurized fluids forged deep beneath the pacific margin. It took the weight of continents and oceans to produce these captivating patterns.





Hot-spotting can be a major issue in typical backlit applications with stones such as onyx or marble. Hot-spotting occurs when a light source is clearly visible through a particular section of stone with a higher translucency.

Our backlit wall feature products use Provencher nephrite specifically selected to maximize diffusion while maintaining character and depth. The result is a perfect, consistent glow with an impressive stone thickness of just 6.35mm (0.25 inches).

All Vancouver Jade backlit products have been developed to minimize the setback from our LED light sources, making our stone more accessible and versatile and allowing us to produce striking new designs.

Our Wall Features are no exception with a setback of 2.5 cm (1 inch). All wall hangings are also available with a halo light effect for added depth.

Our backlit products use cutting-edge addressable LED technology developed in collaboration with Youlitty Electronic Engineering and Oz Luminaire Lighting.

Our lights and wall features are available with multiple preset lighting conditions designed to optimize appearance and depth and captivate onlookers.



1.23 kg per 900 cm2

LED Setback

2.54 cm (1.00 inch)


3.175 (1.25 inches)

Stone Thickness

6.35 mm (0.25 inches)

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