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Vancouver Jade is a world leader in resource architecture and design.

We extract, manufacture, and market nephrite jade products that encourage responsible resource development in our industry. Our roots are still in mining and exploration. But our journey has led us to the frontier of science and art where aesthetic blends with an intrinsic connection to the source of our stone.

We source our material from the jade fields of Northern British Columbia, Canada. We have partnered with local stakeholders and collaborated with a host of designers, architects and craftsman to explore non-traditional uses of nephrite gemstone.

We believe the unique scale and inherent challenges of producing nephrite represent a unique opportunity to showcase modern resource best-practices while exploring new ways to connect retail markets directly to the source of their base products. This approach builds in transparency and responsibility as a central working mechanism for our business.



We have always approached the use of dimensional nephrite jade as the rediscovery of an ancient material. This creates new opportunities to push the boundaries of modern design and architecture by unlocking nephrite's incredible properties.

We are a young and unconventional company, driven by a passion to explore and create. We are constantly collaborating with those who share our desire to blend art, science, innovation, and tradition to create the products and spaces of the future.


We started as explorers searching Canada's harshest landscapes for rare, elusive stone.

We then broke boundaries as the first Company in the world to quarry dimensional blocks of nephrite.

Our story continued; as pioneers of innovative manufacturing techniques, producing natural jade gemstone slabs.


To design and develop innovative products that inspire thoughtfulness; of how and why we use our precious resources.

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