Is jade as hard as marble or granite?

Nephrite has a Mohs hardness of 6-7, roughly equivalent to that of quartz and granite.

Where does the jade come from?

Our jade is quarried reclaimed in Northern British Columbia, Canada.

Will jade stain or scratch?

Jade is the toughest stone available for architectural and design applications. Its composition of interlocking crystals allows makes it resistant to blows and scratches, and allows the stone to be cut thin, span long distances, and even flex.

Isn’t jade very expensive?

Jade can be one of the most expensive gemstones in the world. But these higher prices are only attributed to a small percentage of the jade mined today. We focus on the stone that can yield larger, more economically viable pieces.

Why Vancouver Jade?

Vancouver is the global hub for jade. 85% of the world’s nephrite jade leaves Vancouver every year. We also love this place and want the world to know more about our beautiful home.

How rare is jade?

Jade is very rare and only exists in a few spots in the world. Much of it is in hard to reach places that are accessible for only a few months each year do to the harsh Canadian winters.

Do you stock slabs?

We choose to stock very little material. The rarity of jade means most projects are made to order. We do, however, stock boulders and blocks.

Is all jade green?

Not necessarily. BC nephrite jade is prized for its deep greens, but jade can be found in a variety of colours from light-blue to near-black, with endless variations of patterns caused by trace elements and inclusions.

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